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Bakin' with Bacon: A Special Father's Day Treat

When I think about foods that are always a hit with the fathers in my life, one of the first that comes to mind is BACON. What dad doesn’t love this salty breakfast staple?

I came across this recipe for Maple Bacon Cupcakes, and I knew my kids and I needed to make them for my husband as a special Father’s Day treat. One of the best things about this cupcake is that the cake base is straight from a box! So easy! The maple buttercream frosting was a fun way to let my kids have some hands-on experience with kitchen gadgets, which they always love. My daughter eagerly sifted the powdered sugar while my son beat the butter with a handheld mixer.

The result? A cupcake that tastes like a stack of pancakes with a side of bacon. Yum! Some of my four kids loved the cupcake as is, while others wanted to pick off the bacon crumbles. To each his or her own!

Dad’s verdict? He said, “Wow! This tastes like one of those cupcakes you would buy in a specialty cupcake shop.” Mission: accomplished.

Are you cooking up anything special for your dad this Father’s Day? We’d love to see what you’re baking. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram @ittybittybakers.


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