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Blooming Brownie Bites

Summer outdoor celebrations are starting up, and your kids can help bring something to the party! With more free time approaching, this activity will give their idle hands something to do with an adorable, delicious end result.

To get started, first decide your Brownie Baker Level.

Level 1: Store-bought tub of pre-made brownies like these here.

Level 2: Store-bought brownie mix that you will make and bake, like this one here.

Level 3: Brownies baked from scratch with raw ingredients, like this recipe here.

So, what level are you? For my son's backyard, end of baseball season pool party, I went with Level 1 (pictured above - ain't no shame in the store-bought game). If your Brownie Baker Level is 2 or 3, just make sure they are baked in a well-greased mini muffin pan in order for them to be little bites and not big squares.

Once you've got your brownie bites, it's time for kids to decorate them!

You'll need a bottle of white cookie icing, some M&Ms, and pastel candy corn. I bought my pastel candy corn at Sugar in Crestline Village, but you can also buy them from Amazon.


1. Have kids place a drop of icing in the center of the brownie bite, and then place one upside-down yellow M&M on top.

2. Have kids arrange candy corn in whatever color or pattern they like around the M&M. For these brownie bites, 8 candy corn fit perfectly.

Voilá! A hands-on activity and colorful, fun treat! If you try this at home with your kids, we'd love to see pictures! Post in the comments below or tag us on Instagram: @ittybittybakers!


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