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Creativity with Cheesecake

Last week, I asked my son Wyatt if there was anything he really wanted me to cook for dinner soon. After suggesting “Pizza Hut” and “cookies,” he caught me in a weak moment and said “cheesecake!” I can’t resist cheesecake, so I decided to make mini cheesecakes (for dessert, not dinner, of course). My daughter Mia wanted marshmallow cheesecakes, so I went with it and found a recipe for mini s’mores cheesecakes. We were set!

First of all, it is way easier to make cheesecake than you might think, especially since there’s an entire restaurant devoted to selling elaborate overpriced cheesecake varieties. And since cheesecake is such a mild base, it’s also really easy — and fun — to get creative with it!

The recipe I used can be found here: The author recommends using graham cracker crumbs to create a crust for the cheesecake. I’m lazy and I had Oreo Thins available, so I decided to do that instead. It was delicious!

That got me thinking about all the different possibilities for a cheesecake crust.

Mini cheesecakes are great because most cookies fit well into a muffin liner. I’m considering ginger snaps for a spicier taste next time. Nilla wafers are also a great choice. I think thin chocolate chip cookies would be yummy, too.

The mini s’mores cheesecakes recipe uses mini chocolate chips as a mix-in. Next time, I’m thinking crushed oreos, or maybe crushed pretzels? Mini M&Ms? Crushed Butterfingers candy? Pop rocks? Ok, maybe not Pop rocks — but there’s just so many possibilities!

If you have a specific favorite cheesecake flavor, mix-in or baking tip, leave it in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!


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