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Halloween Candy: Constructive Uses

Don't freak out. I know, it's a lot. Maybe more than ever! (Gotta love those witches rides and trunk-or-treats.)

YET, none of us needs or wants this much candy in our house.

Resist the urge to dump it in the trash and use it in a constructive way instead. Here are some ideas.

First, TAX! Pay the mom-tax and the dad-tax to the Mom and Dad Bank of America. I.e. - your secret stash hidden in your closet. Pay those taxes without reservation. You deserve it.

Next, SORT! Take inventory and see what you've got to work with and what you can do with it. Here are some ideas:

Candy Bars

Sort out the Milky Ways, Snickers, and Twix. The ones with caramel. Put them in a ziploc bag and store in the freezer. Wait until a cold, January family movie night and make candy bar brownies. This is where you make a pan of brownies and either layer or top with candy bar chunks. Pretty simple. If you need a visual, here are some recipes:

Sour Patch Kids and Starburst

Make slime. Tell the kids it's not edible. Just let them play with it. And then dump it in the trash when you're done.

Save for Valentine's Day

Why spend more money on candy? RECYCLE - RESUSE Sour Patch Kids and Starbursts with these adorable printables.

Swedish Fish

Save and make a trail mix for the next road trip! Here are some recipes.

Plain M&Ms

Really the options are endless. Put on top of hot popcorn, ice cream, or your Christmas gingerbread house. Or, let the kids make edible LEGOS one random winter day. Note: Save them until then in a non-clear bag. Not for preservation purposes, but just so that no one sees them and eats them. A Target shopping bag will work fine.

Think Christmas

It will be here soon. Get ready to wow your friends and family with these recipes using your leftover Halloween candy.

It's the Gumdrop Village at it's finest.

No one gets tired of these. I promise.

Fill stockings or tablescapes with these festive edible sleighs using leftover Kit Kat bars from Halloween.

I was surprised by how many Hershey kisses were in my son's Halloween bucket. Not a typical Halloween candy, IMO, but hey, let's use them for Christmas!

Reese's Reindeer and Trees

The classroom Christmas party will be here soon. Wow the little ones by putting those Reese's miniatures to good use. Save your money and use Halloween leftovers!

Reese's Cookie Cups

There are so many recipes out there that call for Reese's cups. For Christmas cookie tins and cookie swaps, try this recipe.

For everything else that remains...

1. Donate to troops or first responders

Send Halloween candy to deployed troops, local military units, veterans, and first responders all over the world — providing a sweet opportunity for grateful Americans to thank those who serve our nation.

2. Donate to local charities or nursing homes

Assisted living facilities and nursing homes will likely welcome unopened Halloween candy. You can also call your local homeless shelter or food pantry.

Call your local chapter to find out rules on bringing your unopened Halloween candy for severely sick children and their families to enjoy.

Candy is great to include in food donation boxes this time of year! Click the link above to find a donation barrel near you.

2. Find a candy buy-back program

There are businesses — usually dentists —that have a candy buy-back offer post-Halloween. You can search for a Halloween candy buy-back program near you. Kids will love to make a little extra money or earn a new toy while you'll just be glad to have that candy out of the house!

3. Save for birthday parties

Your child's 2023 birthday party will be here before you know it. Toss Halloween candy like Tootsie Rolls, Tootsie Rolls Pops, and Laffy Taffy in those party favor bags on the big day. Or, wait and fill an empty PIÑATA!

4. Make appreciation bags

Grab some cellophane bags and wrap up a random candy assortment for the next appreciation day coming your way. Teacher Appreciation Day, Administrative Assistant Day, Custodian Day, Nurses Day - you name it, they'll love it!

Got more ideas? Share in the comments below!

Not sure how long your Halloween candy will last? Get the full guide from Taste of Home.


I'm not really sure there's a good use for 3 Musketeers. If I were to try something, it would be one of these recipes:


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