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Lucky Charms Cupcakes

Hey guys! Jessica Hamby, here! Sometimes I get an idea for a cupcake in my mind and I just HAVE to drop what I'm doing and make it.

This one was a practice round for St. Patrick's Day classes next year since I didn't prepare it in time for classes this year (how is it already St. Patrick's Day?!).

So, here's my double-decker Lucky Charms Cupcake creation made with... wait for it ...cereal milk!! Yes, I'm totally jumping on the cereal milk trend started by Milk Bar's Christina Tosi. Watch Chef's Table on Netflix if you don't know what I'm talking about. It's awesome!

For the base of the cupcake, I made a standard funfetti batter but for the liquid I used cereal milk. To make the cereal milk, I soaked Lucky Charms cereal in 2% milk until it was super soggy and then used the milk as the liquid in the cupcake batter. Bam!

Once baked and cooled, I filled the cupcakes with a little dab of marshmallow fluff.

For the frosting, I used my "go-to" vanilla American buttercream (the same recipe used at all our cupcake birthday parties). I rolled the cupcake in crushed Lucky Charms cereal before topping it with a Lucky Charms marshmallow treat (the real MVP).

What do you think? Magically delicious? Leave a comment below if you think you'll try it at home!

Happy St. Patricks Day!! ☘️⭐️🌈


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