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Spring flowers in the garden and in baking

Isn't it magical when perennial flowers grow back each spring? I'm amazed when green leaves sprout from the brown remnants of last year's stems. When my family and I add to our flower beds each year, sprinkling in some colorful annuals alongside our perennial favorites, my kiddos become quite the helpers. I love seeing their excitement and pride as they work hard to make everything beautiful.

My itty bitty gardener, Audrey.

Celebrating spring and enjoying all the wonderful flowers in bloom doesn't have to be limited to the garden.

At Itty Bitty Bakers, we love bringing the outdoors indoors with flower-themed recipes.

In past years, we've made

  • Mini Hummingbird Cakes (camp at my house)

  • Meringue Roses (class at Mrs. Jeni's house)

  • Flower Pot Dirt Cakes (class at Mrs. Hillary's house)

  • Lemon Sunflower Cupcakes (camp at Mrs. Jessica's house)

  • Edible Apple Pie Roses (class at Mrs. Jeni's house)

  • Flower Pot Cookies (class at Mrs. Ally's house)

Over the next few months, we'll be making

  • Flower Bouquet Cupcakes (class at Mrs. Brittany's house)

  • Swirly Lollipop Cookies (camp at my house)

  • Flower Macarons (class at Mrs. Brittany's house)

  • Pizza Pinwheel Roses (camp at Mrs. Brittany's house)

  • Flower Pot Cookie Cups (camp at Mrs. Amanda's house)

But our favorite probably has to be Marshmallow Flower Cupcakes. Melissa Carden and Jessica Hamby taught Marshmallow Flower Cupcakes at Itty Bitty Bakers classes back in 2019. Then I taught them at my house in 2022 during Garden Party Baking Camp. This year, our new teacher Stephanie Rothoff will be making them with her first class. Talk about a favorite!

Marshmallow Flower Cupcakes Class at Melissa Carden's house in 2019.

Try them with your kids! Have them cut up marshmallows, both small and large, dip them in sprinkles, and see what flower designs they can make. Does it look like a dahlia, a daisy, a geranium? So much fun designing... and tasting!

Happy May Flowers and May Baking!


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