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Spring is for Strawberries!

It's difficult to believe as I sit here thawing from my daughter's lacrosse game, but Spring is coming! And with Spring comes strawberry season! There's no doubt that farm fresh berries beat the grocery store variety any day, especially when they are a recipe's star ingredient.

But where does one go to pick your own strawberries? Here in Birmingham, we are lucky to be within a short drive of multiple farms with u-pick options (scroll down for a list of them).

This Spring, pick a farm, grab those berries, and turn your bounty into something delicious.

Looking for a recipe to try? Here are a few from myself as well as other Itty Bitty Bakers' teachers:

Strawberry Shortcake Cookies by Melissa Carden

Central Alabama U-Pick Farms:

Penton Farms

3358 County Road 5

Verbena, Alabama 36091


Jerry Marsh Farms

234 Marsh Cutoff Rd.

Cleveland, AL 35049


DeLoach Farms

171 Co Rd 468

Vincent, AL 35178


J Durbin Farms

Sunshine Farms U-Pick Strawberry Field

11728 County Road 37

Clanton, AL 35045


After strawberry season comes blueberry season, so there's always something to pick, bake with, and eat. Here's Melissa's recipe for Blueberry Crunch.

What's your favorite place to pick berries? Let us know in the comments!


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