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3-D Christmas Tree Cookies Class

Saturday, December 9, 4pm-6pm, Ages 7-12, Mrs. Kayla, Huntsville/Madison

  • 40 US dollars
  • address emailed after booking


❗️❗️FULLY BOOKED. SCROLL DOWN TO BE ADDED TO THE WAITLIST.❗️❗️ This holiday class is sure to be a hit with your kids! Not only will they bake and decorate cookies from scratch, but they will also transform them into beautiful Christmas trees. In addition to the chemistry of baking, we will add geometry and mechanics into our lesson by learning the importance of these elements in creating 3-dimensional structures. Each student sample some cookies in class and take home one completed tree that will make a wonderful display piece, or tasty dessert to share with family! Note: -Please send your child to class with a water bottle with their name on it. -Dress code is closed-toe shoes and hair tied back. -Class is at the home of Kayla Johnson in the Huntsville/Madison, AL area. To see Kayla's bio, click the Read Teacher Bios link below. -Class is drop-off and pick-up. Enjoy your free time!

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