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What to Know before you

How do these classes and camps work exactly?

Rainbow Fruit Pizza Class

June 8, 9am-11am, Ages 3-7, Mrs. Kayla, Huntsville

  • 45 US dollars
  • Address emailed after booking


In this class, kids will make sugar cookie dough from scratch and roll it out to the size of a large pizza. While the cookie pizza bakes in the oven, they'll make a delicious cream cheese frosting. Once the cookie pizza has cooled, they'll spread the cream cheese frosting over it and add fresh fruit toppings that they washed and chopped themselves (with kid-safe knives, of course). Each student will get to eat a slice in class and take home a few slices to share with family. Join us this summer for a great time of learning and fun in the kitchen!

Cancellation Policy

We cannot issue refunds or credits for cancelations in the 48 hours before a class. If you cancel before the 48 hours prior to class we can either issue a refund or use your payment as a credit towards another booking in the future.

Our Team

Instructors are listed below in alphabetical order.

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