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What to Know before you

How do these classes and camps work exactly?

Pokémon Baking Class

July 23, 11am-1pm, Ages 5-9, Mrs. Ashley, Rocky Ridge

  • 55 US dollars
  • Address emailed after booking


Do your kids love Pokémon? Sign them up for this nutrition class, cooking class, baking class, and Pokémon party all-in-one! -Nutrition: Just like the HP on each Pokémon card, students will learn how certain foods can pack a powerful nutrition punch. Students will learn how food fuels our bodies and how nutrients can give our health boosts! -Cooking: Each student will learn how to wash, prep, and chop (with kid-safe knives!) their own personal pizza toppings. Once their flatbread Pokéball pizzas have baked, they'll get to eat their creation for lunch! -Baking: Each student will learn to measure and mix ingredients for Mini Raspberry Marble Cakes. Once baked, they'll use melting chocolate to decorate like the Pokémon Spinda from the Hoenn region! -Party: Bring your Pokédex for card trading and show-and-tell fun!!! ---- *The teacher for this class is Ashley Blackwell, a Registered Dietitian and mom of three boys. Learn more about her nutrition counseling services at or scroll down for her complete bio.*

Cancellation Policy

We cannot issue refunds or credits for cancelations in the 48 hours before a class. If you cancel before the 48 hours prior to class we can either issue a refund or use your payment as a credit towards another booking in the future.

Our Team

Instructors are listed below in alphabetical order.

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