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"We Don't Talk About Bruno" Cupcakes & More from Disney's Encanto!🦋

I'm so excited to teach students how to make these magical cupcakes at my Disney Princess-themed Baking Camp this summer!

These “We Don’t Talk About Bruno Cupcakes” are deliciously chocolate with green vanilla buttercream icing, which students will pipe themselves. Brown sugar "sand" sprinkled on top adds nice contract to the pretty green candy “glass”, just like the magical green glass in Encanto!

We Don't Talk About Bruno Cupcakes

I made the candy glass by boiling the ingredients until they reached the hard crack stage then poured it into a thin layer (on a cookie sheet) to cool. When it dries, it magically looks and feels like glass! Bruno himself would be a fan, but we won’t talk about him. 😉

For the edible glass recipe, click here.

It's not just me who loves all things Encanto! Earlier in the summer, Itty Bitty Bakers teacher Emily Masters designed these adorable brownie bites for her Disney-themed camp.

Mirabel's Magic Inside Brownie Bites

These "Mirabel's Magic Inside Brownie Bites" are made in mini muffin pans, cored and filled with colorful candy sprinkles, and topped with chocolate frosting and an edible butterfly, just like the one on Mirabel's shirt.

To buy the edible butterfly topper, click here.

Last but not least, Itty Bitty Bakers teacher Brittany Dollar will be teaching her campers how to make "Mirabel's Magic Empanadas" at her preschool baking camp. For the recipe she'll be using, click here.

Mirabel's Magic Empanadas (Easy Beef Empanadas)

We hope you love all of these Encanto-inspired recipes and ideas from our team here at Itty Bitty Bakers!

If you have any other Encanto recipe ideas, let us know in the comments below!


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