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At Itty Bitty Bakers, our mission is to provide high-quality, age-appropriate culinary education for kids in a fun and safe environment. We are currently looking for talented new teachers who love kids, love baking, and love the mission, vision, and values of Itty Bitty Bakers. 

What should I expect as a teacher?

  • Teachers with Itty Bitty Bakers are independent contractors who set their own hours, schedule, and typically work from a home office.  They should expect to plan and prepare for their classes, whether they be at their home or at a public facility.

  • Teachers can expect to be part of a team with a resource network of other teachers to collaborate with in planning and preparing for classes. 

  • All teachers must have a background check, home evaluation, and must shadow at least one class for training.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Excellent verbal, written, and customer service skills.

  • Be a self-starter with internal drive and motivation to succeed. 

  • Each teacher must have a clean, spacious kitchen or dining room to use as a classroom and/or be willing to travel with supplies to teach at a local facility. 

  • Must actively use social media and be willing to promote both themselves and their classes to the community.

Are you on board with our vision and values?

Our vision is to aid parents in helping to raise kids who are confident and independent in the kitchen. Our primary goal is to see kids have positive experiences around food and cooking. The goal of each individual class is for kids to have fun while also learning something new. 


Here are the values we hold dear when planning and preparing for our classes:

    1. We value baking from scratch - taking raw ingredients and assembling them into an edible food portion.

    2. We value art and creativity - taking food and designing or decorating it into an aesthetically appealing presentation.

    3. We value food sourcing - teaching kids where food comes from in nature and how to move it from that place into an edible food portion. 

    4. We value nutrition education - teaching kids how ingredients we incorporate into recipes can aid in health and wellness.

    5. We value complementary education - putting math, science, language, history, art, and technology curriculum from traditional school in a functional, practical use setting.

    6. We value child development - coming alongside parents to help their children grow in all aspects of physical and emotional well-being.


If you're passionate about these values as well, then you'll be a good fit for our teaching team! 


Do you have what we are looking for?

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