A passion turned into a business

Updated: Jan 13

Hi, Jessica here! I started this business in the spring of 2018 when my son was three years old. (This is a recent pic of us not-quite-sharing a milkshake at K&J's Elegant Pastries in Alabaster, AL.) He and I would make box-mix brownies or cupcakes to pass the time during the long afternoons waiting on Daddy to get home from work (I'm sure you can relate). At the time, I was also looking for a summer camp for him to attend in our area and found nothing available for three year olds.

That's when I decided to make our own summer camp focused on baking with kids, since I was doing that anyway! I was also reading a lot about Montessori-at-home and the benefits of hands-on learning. I invited some of his friends and our neighbors to come to baking camp and the kids LOVED it. After it was over, people would ask me when was I doing it again (“I’m doing it again?”🤔).

After much deliberation, I decided to get a business license, I added some classes for older kids, and the rest is history! One thing though - I’m not a baker by trade. Before becoming a SAHM, I spent my career as a clinical dietitian with a speciality in Oncology and then worked as a wellness analyst for Blue Cross. A far cry from baking with preschoolers! But, I couldn't be more happier.

I hope you'll try one of our classes soon. I know your little ones will love it!

Fun Fact: My friend, and business manager Amy, wanted the name to be Tot Chef. But, I had to pay homage to Itty Bitty Magic City at the McWane Center in downtown Birmingham, AL - the playground where I was spending most of my days.

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