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Birthday Party Bake Off Recap

On October 1, 2023 we celebrated FIVE years as a small business with a Bake Off!

A 4 tier cake with a 5 on top
5-year anniversary cake made by Brittany Dollar

Kids who entered a cupcake into the bake off enjoyed party festivities including crafts, games, a photo booth, DIY trail mix station, and delicious desserts made by our youth helpers and teachers.

The centerpiece of the event was a special cake made by teacher Brittany Dollar that represented her various cake classes through the years - Geode Cake, Harry Potter Cake, Bakery Cake, etc. It even had images of our students in class along the base. It was stunning!

Contestants for the Itty Bitty Bakers Birthday Party Bake Off on October 1, 2023 in Hoover, Alabama.
Contestants for the Itty Bitty Bakers Birthday Party Bake Off on October 1, 2023 in Hoover, Alabama.

Each participant who entered the bake off had their picture taken in our photo booth and we could see the pride in their eyes. We could also see their nerves over having to transport and carry their beautiful creations. It was quite a challenging task!

Bake Off Judges from left to right: teachers Brittany Dollar, Jeni Warram, Maryjayne Herring, and Youth Helper Aaliya Budhwani.

But the most difficult task of all went to the judges. They were blown away by the creativity of each cupcake and different interpretations of how a "celebration cupcake" might look and taste.

One judge said, "It was a joy to taste so many delicious cupcakes and I hope all these kid bakers keep up the great work!"

In the end, the title of BEST OVERALL CUPCAKE went to Emma Romano for her "Starbucks Run Cupcake," which she based on this recipe. The flavor and texture was unlike anything the judges had ever tasted. Congrats to Emma and everyone who participated in the Birthday Party Bake Off! You are all winners in our book!

Bake Off Winner 2023 Emma Romano with her "Starbucks Run Cupcake"

Special thanks to the Hoover City Chamber of Commerce for hosting us in their indoor patio space at the Galleria Mall. We hope to be back there in 2024 for a Christmas Cookie Bake Off. Get those wooden spoons ready and we'll see you then!


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