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Meet the Judges for the 2021 Kids Christmas Cookie Bake Off!

We have three amazing judges for this year's Kids Christmas Cookie Bake Off. They are so excited to meet the contestants and taste their creations! Read each judge's bio below.

RAMSEY NUSS (Pursell) of Good Neighbor Baking started her home-based baking business at the start of 2019 and has been baking up a storm ever since. She was inspired by her desire to meet local moms in the area and use her gift of baking to do it! She's a self-taught baker mostly known for her miniature cookie sandwiches and highly detailed cookie cakes! She’s a graduate of Auburn University and lives in Bluff Park with her husband Andrew and their three rambunctious boys. In her spare time NOT baking, Ramsey enjoys going on adventures with her family, exercising and catching up on all things podcasts!

ASHLEY BROWN of Ashley's Famous Cookies started baking cookies as a way to satisfy her sweet tooth after having her first son in 2016. Once her family tried them, they would no longer eat any other cookies. Her mom would say, "I only want Ashley's Famous Cookies." In 2018, AFC was born! In three short years, it has grown substantially as an online cookie company. With customers in every state, AFC is becoming a household name across the country. When she is not covered in dough she spends her free time making memories with her three children. Ashley's favorite movie is Ratatouille and is a true believer in Gusteau's famous saying: "Anyone can cook." Find her on Instagram at @ashleysfamouscookies.

ADAM HICKMAN is the owner of Foxhound Bee Company, a Birmingham beekeeping supply company started in 2014 centered around education and supplying beekeepers with high-quality cypress beehives and supplies. Prior to running Foxhound Bee Company full time, Adam was a recipe developer for many of the nation's largest food brands. In 10 years as a recipe developer, Adam developed and tested nearly 5,000 different recipes with most of them published in Cooking Light, Real Simple, Southern Living, and Food & Wine among many other brands. You can follow Adam through his business at @foxhoundbeeco on Instagram and Facebook or you can stop by the retail beekeeping store in Downtown Birmingham. Adam is a Florida Native but has been in Birmingham with his wife and boys since 2007.

To meet the judges in person and present your cookies to them, enter the Bake Off here.

Bake Off Judges 2020

Big thanks to our judges from last year who made our Bake Off a success!

Brooklyn Kyzar (Food Network Kids Baking Championship Season 6 Contestant), Abbey Manasco (University of Alabama Crimsonette), and Anna Beth Reese (Hoover Public Library)


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