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Kids Christmas Cookie Bake Off 2021

In 2020, we had our first ever Christmas Cookie Bake Off and it was so much fun. Many parents told us it was the highlight of Christmas for their kiddos. Many things are the same as last year but a few things are different. Read on for all the details...

Date: Sunday, December 19, 2021

Presentation times: Noon-3pm

Ages: 5-11

Location: The Hoover Area Chamber of Commerce patio overlooking the Galleria food court

Judges: Click here

Fee to enter: None


For security purposes, all kids must be pre-registered to present their cookies to the judges. Registration form can be found here . Please include the child's name on the comments line. If you know ahead of time the name of the cookie or category entering, feel free to include that as well, though not required. We can write it down for the judges at presentation time on the patio.


Like last year, kids will present their cookies to the judges at the judges table. They will state their name, the name of their cookie, and their entry category. They will then set their cookies on the judges table for viewing by the judges. After all the cookies have been presented, the judges will do taste-testing to determine the winners. Winners will be announced as soon as possible after the event and prizes awarded accordingly.


Each category will have one winner. The winners will receive a $50 Itty Bitty Bakers credit to be used on any class, camp, or merchandise. The judges will also determine the winner of the Wooden Spoon Award. This award goes to the cookie that encompasses all three categories of Best Tasting, Most Festive, and Most Unique.


Entries should consist of a disposable plate or container of at least four cookies labeled with the child’s name and name of the cookie.

  • Acceptable cookie types include: sugar cookies, shortbread cookies, cookie cups, cut-out cookies, brownies, bars, blondies, sandwich cookies, whoopee pies, and cake mix cookies.

  • Types of cookie not allowed: macarons, meringues, biscotti, wafer cookies, pizelles, cookie dough bites, and decorated store-bought cookies.

Cookies should be made with minimal help from adults. This is a great chance for kids to pull out old cookbooks, check out cookbooks from the library, and get ideas from older family members about their favorite cookie recipes. We also encourage kids to work together with parents for ingredient shopping and the kitchen CLEANUP process!

At the day of the event, we encourage kids to put into practice their public speaking/presentation skills, however, we know that is not possible for everyone. Each contestant has the option of having their parent or sibling present to the judges on their behalf, if needed. Judging is not based on verbal presentation but on the cookie alone. Note: The Galleria food court lends itself to a lot of background noise so contestants should be prepared to speak a little louder than usual.

We would like to take one picture of each child with their cookies or just the cookies themselves, if preferred. If you do not wish to have your child's picture taken, please let us know.


The judges' table will be located outside The Hoover Area Chamber of Commerce office on the indoor patio overlooking the Riverchase Galleria food court. The address is 3000 Riverchase Galleria, Suite 375, Hoover, Alabama 35244.

To get there, follow the ring road around the Galleria Mall. There will be signs that direct you to The Offices at 3000 Riverchase near Von Mauer. You will follow the signs to a ramp-up to the parking deck’s 3rd floor, proceed to the south deck, and park in visitor parking. You can walk to the front of the office building, and security can direct you to The Hoover Area Chamber of Commerce office patio. If it is raining or very cold, parents can drop off their kids at the covered walkway before parking.

There are no specific drop-off time slots; however, the earlier the better between the hours of noon-3pm. Contestants will form a line inside the building to present their cookies to the judges on the patio.


2020 Christmas Cookie Bake Off Winners

Best Tasting and Best All-Around Winner

Claire Conrad

Double Hot Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

Most Festive

Emma Cooley

Christmas Sugar Cookies with Buttercream Frosting

Most Unique

Hailey Duckett

Christmas Tree Wreath Cookies

Runner Ups

Emily Grace Jockisch, Best Tasting, Sugar Sprinkle Sandwich Cookies

Abby Harris, Most Festive, Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies

Aubrey Payton, Most Unique, Granny's Special Cookies

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