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Fending Off Winter Blues

Itty Bitty Bakers was featured in a recent Redfin article about how to beat the winter blues. Can you guess how our Itty Bitty Bakers team keeps our spirits lifted in the cold winter months?

You guessed it! Baking!

Here's an excerpt from the article:

Winter is a time for cozy nights by the fire, enjoying quality time with family,

and slowing down to enjoy the holidays. But, even if you live somewhere where freezing temperatures are the norm – the long, cold, and dark winter months can erase all your motivation and leave you feeling just like the weather – gloomy.

So, you may be wondering “what can I do to combat the winter blues?”

We’ve put together a list of mood-boosting activities to do at home and how to

begin incorporating it into your routine. Your days will begin to look brighter

even before the first signs of spring.

Mood-boosting activity #4: Spend time preparing delicious meals

Lean into your creativity with baking

Studies have shown that there are great emotional benefits to baking, such as

stress reduction, improved concentration, and mindfulness, increased

happiness, as well as being a great self-confidence booster. It also allows the

baker a form of creative expression, which has been shown to improve overall

well-being. So, what better way to beat the winter blues than to hop into the

kitchen and create something scrumptious? Precious memories are waiting to

be had in the kitchen, regardless of whether you’re baking alone or with a

loved one. Our main rule? Have fun! – Itty Bitty Bakers

Don't miss the article in its entirety here:


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