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Who goes to baking classes?

As the owner of Itty Bitty Bakers, I get asked quite often, "Who are your usual customers?" Or, said another way, "What types of kids go to your classes?" I love these questions because they allow me to expand on all the reasons kids keep coming back for more baking classes!


A large part of our customer base is creative kids. These are kids who like to make and create with their hands. They share an interest in painting, drawing, LEGOS, or other building activities.

I'll use my son as an example - he loves technology, his tablet in particular. Can't live without it! One thing I find him doing on his tablet is building things. He'll create structures, scenic lands and even smoothies! (Yes, there's an app for that.)

What may seem like a kid who just likes technology, is actually a kid who likes to work with his hands — to make, create, and build. Baking does just that. It is the process of assembling raw ingredients into something enjoyable. So, if kids like technology, and even gaming, they often like baking as well.

Two of our boy bakers in action at baking class. They also love drawing and LEGOS.


Our former business manager, Amy Jones, said a few years ago that she liked to put her daughter Mia into two types of classes: 1) classes for her mind and 2) classes for her body. Mia started baking classes for her mind and ballet for her body when she was three-years old.

Like Mia, often kids who come to our baking classes also play sports. Their parents are looking to provide a balance with extra-curricular activities in order to shape well-rounded kids.


Many children who come to our baking classes can't find "their thing." They can't find what hobby or pastime they're good at. Our baking classes are fun, and part of that fun is being set up for success. Kids walk away with confidence having found something they both like and are good at.

An added bonus is that baking is a hobby and a pastime they can continue throughout their lives. Kids who come to baking classes become life-long baking enthusiasts.

Set up for success with a low table, accessible ingredients, and a "don't worry about the mess" policy.


Math, reading, and science are always part of the package when it comes to baking. Kids who love these things often love baking because they can use their knowledge and skills in a practical way.

Likewise, parents with kids who struggle in academic areas will often send their kids to baking classes. They know that in baking class their kids will see how principles learned in school can be applied in a real world setting. And that things like math, reading, and science can be fun!

In conclusion, every parent has a different reason for sending their child to baking class and every child who wants to go has a different motivator as well. Whether it be improving teamwork skills, getting to learn in a small class size, or the many mental health benefits, baking classes are great for kids.

Who goes to baking classes? Kids with smart parents who see the benefits!

Has your child ever tried a baking class? Share in the comments why. We'd love to hear from you!

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1 Comment

Aug 17, 2022

Love this so much!! Desi is uncoordinated and un athletic but he found his passion in baking and creating! legos And building makes total sense in relationship to baking!

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