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2nd Annual Kids Christmas Cookie Bake-Off Winners!

Oh what fun we had at the 2021 Kids Christmas Cookie Bake-Off!

We want to extend a big "THANK YOU!" to all of our contestants and judges. All of the entries were amazing and completely blew us away. Every single child who baked cookies and presented them to the judges is a winner in our book.

We also would like to thank the Hoover Chamber of Commerce for hosting us, and Any Reason to Plan for decorating our stage.

Each child baked their very own Christmas cookies and presented them to our expert panel of judges, which included:

Ramsey Nuss - Good Neighbor Baking

Ashley Brown - Ashleys' Famous Cookies

Adam Hickman - Foxhound Bee Company

Contestants were judged in four categories:

  1. Best Tasting

  2. Most Unique

  3. Most Festive

  4. Best All Around

Drum roll, please......And the winners were:

Best Tasting Cookie:

Winner - Charlotte Guess

1st Runner Up - Camellia Bradford

2nd Runner Up - Desi McCain

3rd Runner Up - Emma Cooley

Most Unique Cookie:

Winner - Desi McCain

1st Runner Up - Charlotte Guess

2nd Runner Up - Oliver Mims

3rd Runner Up - Abby Harris

Most Festive Cookie:

Winner - Ruthie McKinney

1st Runner Up - Vincent Chiu

2nd Runner Up - Evie Schrock

3rd Runner Up - Ellie Harris

Best All-Around Cookie:

Winner - Emma Cooley

1st Runner Up - Ruthie McKinney

2nd Runner Up - Desi McCain

We cannot WAIT to start planning the 2022 Kids Christmas Cookie Bake-Off and look forward to seeing your wonderful creations next year!

Happy New Year to you and your family!


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